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Chaussettes éco-responsables de Biggies, fabriquées éthiquement au Portugal

Biggies Socks is the story of a young student, Simon, who just graduated from business school and always wanted to start his own business. 

But not just any business... He wants to launch his own brand of high-end socks that respect the environment and people! 


A brand with aBelgian identity in order to create jobs there but also to promote this country he loves so much. A country rich in culture, creativity, folklore and gastronomic specialties. These are the values that the brand wants to put forward in its products. 

Biggies are quality socks that last in time, with beautiful colors and some nice designs too. They are made in Europe from the best machines and raw materials for a natural feel..

#Colors #Confort #Quality

At Biggies Socks, we want to give you the opportunity to buy socks that are out of the ordinary. With or without a pattern, it's up to you, but Biggies are always a colorful bunch! Because, yes, the style (of your socks) matters!

Style and color is one thing, comfort is another. That's why Biggies Socks selects the best OEKO-TEX®️ certified cotton and uses the latest machinery to make your socks. They will be reinforced at the most critical points like the toe, the heel or the upper elastic, to allow you to keep them longer. A quality product! In addition, the seam at the toe is hand stitched to offer you unparalleled comfort and an invisible seam. No more socks with holes after 3 weeks! So, isn't life great?

Post it reprenant les valeurs de biggies socks : Chaussettes éco-responsables Biggies, alliant style et respect de l'environnement
Chaussettes Biggies éco-responsables, garantissant des conditions de travail équitables

#Sustainability at the heart of our concerns

The ecological challenges we face are real, so we need to rethink our economic model and the way we consume. At Biggies Socks we understand this! That's why we decided to produce our socks in Europe and more precisely in Portugal: to produce closer is to reduce transport and the pollution which results from it. 

Manufacturing in Europe also means avoiding the abuses of forced labor and child labor and guaranteeing workers an income in line with their purchasing power. Europe is also a flawless know-how recognized all over the world.

Chaussettes produites en Portugal, gage de qualité et de fiabilité

Made in EU

Biggies are made in Europe, in compliance with all applicable laws.

Chaussettes belges Biggies, synonyme de confort et de durabilité

Eco-minded brand

A brand with environmental values. We respect our planet.

Le luxe de la qualité belge avec les chaussettes Biggies

Best quality cotton

We only use quality materials. The cotton used for the Biggies is certified by Oekotex standard 100.

Achat responsable avec les chaussettes Biggies

Premium embroidery

State of the art embroidery to ensure superior quality.

Products that last over time


A product that lasts eight months uses the same amount of resources as a product that lasts two or three years. Its energy cost and therefore the ecological footprint of the product is divided by three compared to a product of lesser quality and we are not talking about transport 🙂. Because ecology is also to consume better: a quality product consumes only once!

Alongside this, we are constantly improving our processes and implementing a whole range of actions to reduce our carbon footprint. We're young and we're certainly not perfect, but at Biggies Socks we're determined to always do more for the planet. 

Les valeurs de Biggies Socks

Biggies Socks is all about high quality socks that offer comfort, style and durability. Biggies are made in Europe to reduce their impact on the environment and meet the brand's quality standards. Buying Biggies means buying responsibly.

Our goals for the next few years.

At Biggies Socks, we want to :

  • Contribute to the integration of people with a disability, whether physical or mental. That's why we want to set up partnerships with different sheltered workshops to help us in different tasks such as sending packages. We would like to integrate them directly into the company as soon as possible.
  • To set up different partnerships for the collection and recycling of old socks or orphan socks. 
  • To finance and organize projects or events around disability in order to raise public awareness and help the understanding and integration of people suffering from it. Examples include World Down Syndrome Day (where we wear mismatched socks) and World Autism Awareness Day (where we wear blue).

At Biggies, we believe that it is imperative to rethink our business model by putting people at the center.

Together, we're stronger!

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